Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Season Finale Predictions

As you may or may not know Bananer, my mom and I have certain shows that we like to watch every week. As a matter of fact, up until a few weeks ago Wednesday was the only weeknight without one of our shows. Thanks a lot ABC for bringing in Notes From the Underbelly. No, seriously, thank you for this new show. I laugh my ass off at it every week but I'm not sure it needs to be on at 7:30. Some of, okay most of it, is a little too mature for that time slot if you ask me.

Anyways, I digress. As the season nears its end I have been making my season finale predictions. You know that it's not a good finale unless it leaves you with a cliff hanger. So, here's my predictions so far.

Monday: Dancing With the Stars - I can not pick a winner this season. I find myself torn between Joey & Kim, Laila & Maks, Apollo & Julianne and Ian & Cheryl. It really hurts when I try to pick a winner so I'm not going to. I do predict that the season finale will be filled with some great dancing (well d'uh).

Heroes - Yeah, I can't predict this one either. 1) I haven't watched this week's episode yet and B) they're great at throwing twists in here, there and everywhere. Every episode's a cliff hanger with this one.

Tuesday: NCIS - All I'm saying is something bad is going to happend to Tony's girlfriend. It's going to end with her either getting killed or kidnapped. They've been leading up to that the whole season. And what is up with Jenny's obsession with La Grenouille?! I'm telling ya...they've slept together. That's got to be it. She must have fallen for him during some kind of undercover operation.

Wednesday: Notes From the Underbelly - I can't make a prediction on this one either because it hasn't been on but a couple of weeks now.

Thursday: Grey's Anatomy - Here's my Grey's predictions....1) Callie's going to find out about George and Izzie and she's going to leave him. George and Izzie are finally going to admit that they're supposed to be together. 2) Alex is going to end up with Jane Doe aka Ava. That's been obvious since they brought her onto the show. Alex is also going to finally admit that he belongs on the "Gynie Squad". It's his calling. 3) McDreamy's finally going to dump Meredith and she's finally going to get over it. Seriously. 4) Addison's going to leave (we already know this) and her new spin off is going to kick ass. I'm actually looking forward to it. 5) Burke and Yang are going to get married and she's going to love it. 6) The chief's going to decide that he can't retire. He's not ready to give it up.

Sunday: Desperate Housewives - All I can say on this one is that Carlos is going to stop Gaby's wedding to tell her he still loves her and she's going to take him back. They belong together and it's about time they realize it.

So...there ya season finale predictions. Anyone care to make a wager on any of them? ; )


Tanner said...

Still haven't watched enough of NFTUB to make judgements on it yet. I think most of it was okay except for the dry speaking blonde that's usually in all the commercials you see on TV...

DWTS - Joey's gonna win it! Go FAT ONE!!! Although I think Giermo the Parking Lot Security Guard has an outside chance! ;)

Heroes! ...need to get caught up this afternoon...I'll let you know, but I agree, no way to guess, it does change from week to week. Good stuff though!

I'm just now getting to watching NCIS on a regular basis. Not sure I know enough about some of the sub-plots to make predictions. I'm learning to enjoy it now though thanks to you! :D

Greys - I agree Callie is going to leave George. I think she'll just transfer and dissappear. Alex is going to end up alone still after something fishy appears with Ava. I agree however, that he will end up in the "gynie squad". Merideth and McDreamy won't make it. To much heavy back and forth flow, and one's going to break soon. I think the Chief will stay, but I think Baily will take a larger roll. Burke and Yang...will get worse before it gets better, but eventually will end up happy together.

Desperate Housewives - I think Carlos will have a tough time, but ultimately find someone else. Perhaps someone not introduced yet. Lots just kind of getting started over there. Should be interesting over the next two shows to reset for the next season.

So...there are my thoughts. Good break down girlie girl!!! MUAH!

Anonymous said...

Okay, now I know why you don't call. Your shows are always on. :)