Thursday, July 13, 2006

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Big Brother All Stars

Big Brother is the one reality show that I get totally hooked on. I started watching it about halfway through season 4 and have been addicted ever since. Season 5 gave us the crazy twin twist that was awesome to watch. I still can't believe they pulled it off like they did. Season 6 gave us some interesting competitions and nasty back stabbing. It also taught us to never underestimate the blonde cocktail waitress. Janelle played the dumb blonde pretty well at first and then she let them know that she was a force to be reckoned with.

This year Big Brother has decided to do an All Stars season. 20 competitors from all 6 seasons were picked and America voted for their favorite 8. The producers chose the remaining 6, putting 14 All Stars back into the house.

Here's the breakdown by season of who all is back in the house.

Season 1 - Chicken George
Season 2 - Dr. Will and Mike "Boogie"
Season 3 - Danielle and Marcellas
Season 4 - Erika and Alison
Season 5 - Nakomis, Diane and Jase
Season 6 - Janelle, Howie, James and Kaysar

This season looks like it's going to be a good one since alot of the people back in the house were pretty conviving in their previous season. I'm picking my winner now.....Janelle. I think she's going to take home the big bucks. She's smart and a great player. Shoot, in the first week she's already won Co- Head of Househould and the Power of Veto. Go girl go!!!!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Happy Birthday Tanner!

Today is the boyfriend's birthday. I wanted to post a couple of pictures of the two of us on here but WE DON'T HAVE ANY.'s been almost 4 months and no pictures of the two of us. Guess we better get on the ball with that one.

Anyways.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TANNER!!!!! I love you!!!!

Little Man

Monday Blahs

I hate Mondays. I really hate Mondays after a holiday week. I've been at work for an hour and I don't think I've done one work related thing yet. Normally that doesn't bother me but I feel like I'm 2 weeks behind on everything. I just can't seem to get motivated to do anything.

Little Man was exceptionally cute this weekend. 1) My mom's chronic bronchitis started flaring up and everytime she coughed Jordan would cough and laugh about it. 2) Jordan has officially started calling my mom "GiGi" or "NaNa". 3) He called my dad "Boppa" several times this weekend. 4) He called Tanner (the boyfriend) TaTa all weekend. 5) While he was down for his nap Tanner left to play golf. When Little Man got up from his nap he kept looking around the room going Ta Ta. 6) He now owns a stuffed tiger (thanks alot Poppa....we're Alabama fans thank you very much) and he was saying "tider" last night. 7) I aksed him if he had a stinky butt and he immediatley walked into his room and waited for me to come change his diaper.

There's so many things he did that it's hard to list them all here. It's just amazing how much he's growing up. He is such a smart cookie too. Thank goodness he got his momma's good looks and smarts. : )

Friday, July 07, 2006


Well here it first blog. Ummm.....what to say...what to say.

I guess I can start by telling a little bit about myself. I don't know who's going to read this and really want to know about me but what the hell.

Like the title says I'm a 20something year old mother. Yep....I have a wonderful little boy that means the world to me. Unfortunately things didn't work out between my sperm donor and myself so I don't get to see my little man 24/7. Let me clear this up.....when I said unfortunatley it was only because I don't get to see my little man everyday. We have joint custody and we "swap" out every 2 days and every other weekend.

Life's pretty much good other than that. I have a steady job that sucks ass in the pay department but offers great benefits. And there's that one pretty awesome guy that caught my attention a couple of months ago.

Well.....that's pretty much the basic intro in a nutshell.