Thursday, August 31, 2006


The boyfriend asked me an alcohol induced question the other day and I didn't answer it because it was hard for me to put it into words on the spot. Now that I've had a few days to think about exactly how to express it I think it's time to answer his question....."Why do you love me?"

1) You let me be as goofy and stupid as I want to be and you laugh right along with me.

2) You make me feel like I am the most beautiful person that has ever crossed your path.

3) You don't let a day go by without telling me at least a dozen times how much you love me.

4) You cherish Little Man as if he was your own.

5) You laugh when I sing horribly off key because you know that I'm enjoying myself.

6) You laugh when I dance like an idiot to the radio because you know that I'm happy.

7) Your. Hands. Enough said on that one. ; )

8) When I'm with you I feel like nothing can go wrong.

9) We think so much alike it's gotten to be a bit scary lately.

10) You make me laugh until my face hurts.

11) Your eyes when you look at me.

12) You balance me. When I'm vulgar and obscene you're modest. When I'm modest you're vulgar and obscene. It works. : )

13) You're always trying to help. Whether it's cleaning up the toys when I'm putting Little Man to bed or paying for the gas in my's appreciated.

14) You're my hairy sexy beast. ; )

And last but not least....

15) You're just you and you let me be just me.

I love you Goober!!!!!!!

The Queen Bee

I only have one thing to say.......Janelle is a badass.

Seriously people, she is the best player in Big Brother history. 3 HOH's and 4 POV's?! And the season's not over yet. What did I say at the beginning? This chick is going to win it all.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday, Monday

The boyfriend and I headed over to his parents' house this past weekend. Had a good time. Got to spend some time with the family and wish his nephew a Happy Birthday. Plus it was nice just to get away from Monkeytown for a few days.

I experienced horrible traveler syndrome Friday night though. In my rush to pack Friday evening I forgot some things. We were about an hour away from home when I realized that I had forgotten to pack clean underwear. Yep....I was going to have to wear the same pair the next day until we got to the store to buy some. You can imagine my disgust with myself over that one. The boyfriend told me not to worry about it and I finally let it go. We were about 45 minutes away from the parents' house when I realized that I forgot my ID at home. I had put it in Little Man's diaper bag when we were out running errands that day and never put it back in my wallet. I had my temporary license on me but I wasn't sure if they would let me in the club with that or not. So those last 45 minutes were filled with my "Woe is me" about forgetting 2 very important things.


The above mentioned lack of ID didn't matter after all. The waiter at dinner Saturday didn't ask for it when I ordered my margarita and we got to the club so early that we just walked right in. No ID check or cover charge. Worked out I guess.

As we were sitting at the club I said to the boyfriend that we are two mean motherfuckers. We spent the entire time there "people watching". can only imagine some of the observations we made to each other.

Stacy and Clinton from TLC's What Not to Wear would have had a field day with some of the chicks in that place. 1) Head to toe white is not slimming. Chick looked like the abominable snowman. 2) Big girls should not wear itty bitty scraps for skirts or shirts. 3) If the girls are down to your bellybutton and are bouncing a little too wildly, you are not wearing the proper bra.

Some of those chicks needed a good reality slap. And some of their friends needed a good beat down for letting them leave the house looking like that. That's not a friend if she lets you leave the house with the girls all sagging and flopping. It doesn't look good. Not at all. Nope.....not at all.


I leave you all with today's Tannerism. He actually says BURP when he burps.'s pretty darn cute if you ask me. But then again we're just dorks so.....whatever.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Monday, August 14, 2006

Lessons learned

I learned something this weekend while "assisting" the boyfriend with his DJ gig.

1) I'm not built for all nighters anymore. I was so ready to go home around 12 and we had to be there until at least 5. Thank goodness we just lounged around the house yesterday.

2) I'm seriously and utterly disgusted by the way chicks dance nowadays. Sure, I'll shake my ass and "grind" when I'm in the mood to dance but this one chick up there Friday night was downright distasteful. I swear if she didn't have clothes on it would have been porn.

3) Bars have now turned into portrait studios. Yes, it's one thing to take your camera with you when you're out with your peeps so that you can snap a few photos. I even recommend this if you are out celebrating a birthday or an engagement or whatnot. I do not think that you should feel you have free reign to snap a gazillion photos of complete strangers. Seriously, what are you going to do with those photos?

4) My glasses make me look sophisticated. Yep, the afore mentioned photo snapper told me that he wanted a photo of me because of my glasses. He said they make me look sophisticated like a librarian.

5) Some people just don't get the point. Psycho graced us with the presence of her skank ass both Friday and Saturday night. You would think that she would get the point that the more she does this the more it makes me want to get that lovely restraining order out on her.

6) There's a reason why I don't hang out with some people anymore. I was reminded of how much I've changed in the last couple of years when I talked to someone I used to hang out with back in my clubbin days. This person hasn't changed a bit in the past 5 years and it's sad. It's sad that he also could not grasp the idea that I'm not the same clubbin chick from back then.

7) The boyfriend is the absolute sweetest. He managed to buy me a rose from the "Rose Lady" while I was sitting right there next to him. I was playing a game on my cell phone and was totally oblivious to what was going on. Next thing I know he's sticking a rose in my face. Don't know why he bought it for me but it sure was sweet.

8) Sunglasses and toothpicks are now considered accessories. The same guy has come in there every weekend chomping on a toothpick like his life depended on it. Don't know what that was all about. And seriously people, it's 4am, you're in a dark do not need your sunglasses on your head.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Yet another Friday...

In my previous post I mentioned the chick that put that lame ass pick up line on the boyfriend's Myspace page. I thought I was just overreacting at first when I thought that that chick was possibly friends with my psycho internet stalker. What's that old saying about trusting your first instinct? Yep....turns out that those two are best friends.

I got a friend request from psycho on another website yesterday morning. She had sent it the night before. I went on there and denied her. A few hours later she sent me another request. So, I went in there and sent her a message asking why she didn't get the point the first time I denied it. I got to looking at her page on there and noticed that the pick up line chick was one of her friends. So I clicked on her page to see if I could figure out who this girl was and guess what I found.....they have the SAME EXACT profile!! The only things different were the age, height and occupation.

Have look for yourself and see what I mean. Be sure to check out psycho's slide show at the bottom of her page. And check out the pics of psycho on pick up line chick's page. first thought that psycho chick was behind the friend requests and lame ass pick up line was right. She obviously has nothing better to do with her time than to sit around and try to start shit with me. What a loser!

The boyfriend and I watched Without a Trace for the first and probably the last time last night. That show was full of bad acting and it ended weird. Anyways, they were investigation the disappearance of a Korean chick and they found out that she did online dating. Then they found out that one of the guys she blew off had posted an ad online offering sex with her. When they questioned him they told him that they had him for cyber stalking and that it was a felony. Hmmm......I wonder if that's true. Is cyber stalking really a felony? What all do you need to prove that?


Big Brother was a disappointment last night. Kaysar got booted out and it was hard to watch his interview with Julie Chen. Julie told him about James's alliance with Chill Town and Dani. She also told him the things that James had been saying about Janelle. You could see that Kaysar was really upset about it.

I was a little worried about the HOH competition because Erika won. I wasn't too sure which way she would sway with her nominations. I found out by reading the live feed recaps that due to some technical difficulties (which there were) the HOH competition was redone. Guess who won this time. Are you ready? Janelle!!!!! Yep, my girl won again!!!!

Julie also introduced the audience to the Coup d'etat last night. The houseguests don't know what exactly they are competing for but they know that it will shake up the house. It will be interesting to see who gets that one.


The boyfriend has finally started back blogging. After days and days of bugging from me he's finally given in. Be sure to show him some love on his blog.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Stupid people.....

I finally got to check my Myspace last night after a month long absence. I had several friend requests and messages. It's amazing what happens when you don't check it for awhile.

I had a friend request from some chick in a neighboring town. I didn't know who she was and couldn't figure it out from the one picture of herself she had on her page. I was just about to deny the request because it's about time I start to weed out the 116 friends I have on there when I saw that she had the boyfriend and another friend of mine on her page. I asked the boyfriend if he knew who she was and he said no. Of course I asked why he added her if he didn't know who she was and he was all "I dunno." Well, I decided to add her so that we could figure out who she was later. I thought that maybe she saw us out somewhere or knew us through mutual friends. I then hopped over to the boyfriend's page to leave a comment since he left one for me and guess what I found on his page. A comment from that chick saying.........I'm new to town. Can you give me directions to your apartment?

Yep......she posted a lame ass pick up line on the boyfriend's page. Normally stuff like that doesn't bother me but this one did for some reason. I think I'm traumatized by my internet stalker. How can you post something like that after it flat out says that the person is in a relationship and they have comments from their significant other on their page talking about how much they love them?

Not only did he got that but I got a message from a guy from my past telling me that I look great now and asking what I was up to. Oh, there was that other message from that local band too saying that they hoped I would come out to see them play because I was cute.

HELLO?!?! I'm in a RELATIONSHIP! I'm HAPPY in my relationship. Geez people!! Learn to read!!!


Big Brother was good and bad last night. I had cheated the other day and read some of the live feeds. I already knew who was going to win the veto and who was going up in their place. It was still good to watch so that I could see everyone's reactions.

Dani and James had hatched this plan to put James up as the pawn against Janey because Dani said that she needed the "Veto King" to compete because he was the only one that stood a chance of beating Janey. They were hoping to have Will and Boogey compete as well because they thought that they would fight to keep Janey from winning as well. It turns out that Will and Boogey did get to play. If I didn't already know that Janey was going to win the veto I would have been nervous.

After Janey whopped ass and won the veto Dani put up.......Kaysar. Yep...she put up the Iraqi Peach. That was disappointing. I can understand why she did it but I hate to think about him leaving this week.

I think that Kaysar's going to be able to spin the votes in his favor but it will be tough. It's going to be interesting to watch Thursday to see who gets evicted and who gets HOH.

Keep your fingers crossed that James goes home this week.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Monday....why can't the week start on Tuesday?

I really liked James last year. I thought he was a really strong player and it was great to see him really go after it after Sarah was evicted. This year I can't stand him. I think he is the biggest back stabbing asshole in the house. He's constantly sitting there bad mouthing Janey behind her back and saying that she's the dumbest person in the house and blah, blah, blah. Ummm, hello?! She got rid of you last year. Geez man!! I hope somebody wises up and gets his ass out of the house real soon.

Evil Dr. Will and Mike Boogie are starting to grow on me. I didn't like them at first but they've turned out to be pretty entertaining. I still wouldn't trust them but I think if Janey plays her cards right she's going to make it to the final three with at least one of them.

And Chicken I love that man! I would really like to see him win HOH soon. He needs that little bit of home to remind him of what he's in there fighting for. That man has got a bigger heart than almost all of those people combined.
Tannersim - things the boyfriend says or does that remind me why I love him so much.

1) We meet for lunch everyday at his apartment since it's close to both of our jobs. Sometimes we talk about what we're going to have for lunch but most of the time we don't. He normally beats me to the house and last week I walked in to find him making grilled cheese sandwiches for me. We each wanted 2. The first of the 4 came out perfect. The rest......not so perfect. He let me have the perfect one.

2) We went to the zoo this weekend with Little Man, my sister, my niece and my nephew. He put Little Man in his stroller and pushed him almost the whole time like it was nothing. He looked so natural pushing that stroller.

3) He has these sayings that crack me up everytime I hear them and I can't help but say them myself. He's always so proud to hear me say one of them such as..."As a wise man once said....shit." "It's just a plot." "It doesn't get any greener than that."

4) We were moving from one table to another at the pool hall the other day and he motioned to the empty table and said "Space". I said "the final frontier" and we both laughed at how we just had a major geek moment and it was alright with us.

5) Let's not forget the BEAUTIFUL lilies that he sent me the other day because he knew that I was at home with a sick Little Man.

There's so many more but I can't really put into words all of the little things he does for me. In the words of Christina Aguilera "Ain't no other man".

Friday, August 04, 2006

TGIF or something like that

It's Friday! Woohoo and all that jazz!! I'm looking forward to my weekend with my little man but I'm sad that the boyfriend won't be there as much as I'd like him to be. He has to work that part time DJ gig again this weekend so he'll only be at the house for a little bit this weekend. It will a little hard to think about him sitting up there without me this weekend. Not that I don't trust him or anything. That is so not the case. I just don't trust some of the people (okay one chick in particular) that will be up there. I have 100% faith in him that he will put her in place though. And no honey, I'm not talking about psycho internet stalker.

My mom, or Gigi as little man calls her, is out of town this weekend. She decided to take a trip to my sister's house in ATL to do some shopping for my sister's upcoming wedding that I'm not going to. That will have to be another blog one of these days. Since she's out of town it's going to be just me, little man and the boyfriend hanging at the house tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it.


SFB struck again today. We had our monthly birthday celebration in the office today and it was my month to bring food. I brought in a container with some cheese, crackers and grapes. I was carrying it all back from the office where we have the party earlier and I had my hands full. I had to set down my drink on the tiny little window sill outside the door to my office so I could somehow get the door in. It was one of those moves where I had to pull the door open and then catch it with my foot so I could get in without dropping the tray, boxes of crackers, container of grapes and my drink (that I also had to grab off of the sill). I walked in the door and he was just sitting there looking at me like "Huh?" His desk faces the door to our office so he can see if somebody's walking to the door. I said "it was really nice of you to open the door for me since you could see that I was coming and I had my hands full." He just sat there stammering out his usual reply...."SSSOOOORRRYYY!" Yeah, uh huh.

Then he went to the other building to get a drink and when he came back in the door to our office he let a wasp in. He just stood there looking at it like "What's that?" Singer told him to go get some spray so we could kill it and he was all "from where?" Then he yet again stammered out his usual "SSSOOOORRRYYY!"

I'm telling you folks, this guy is a real winner.


I have switchboard relief duties today. I had to cover the switchboard during lunch. Yep, it was a lot of fun. Occasionally we'll get people that will call the switchboard and start telling you their problems and you have to figure out the right person to send them to. You see, I work for a state agency that helps people with disabilities such as blind, deaf, mental disabilities, and physical disabilities. I had a rather funny call during lunch.

Caller: Is this Tina?
Me: No, it is not.
Caller: You just said the worst thing you could say to me....No and then it is not. I'm enrolling back in school. Yeah, I'm going back to get my degree in rocket science. I want to build a rocket using UFO technology. I'll think I'll build it out at Maxwell so I can hide it. Sounds like a good plan right?
Me: Yeah, that sounds like a good plan alright.
Caller: Well, I applied for my Pell Grant. What all do I need to take to Tina? I know I need to bring her the letter showing her I got my Pell Grant and my 2005 tax return. Is there anything else I need to bring?
Me: Sir, if you would tell me what Tina's last name is I'll connect you to her and she can tell you that herself.

I don't know if this guy was serious or not. Kinda makes me wonder about some of the people that we're sending to school. It's great that we help people out like that but that was just too weird.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Disgusting Coworker

We've had this guy working with us for about 6 months now. He seemed a little off when he first started but I didn't want to be too judgmental. My first instinct about this guy was right......He's definitely a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

The other chick in my office, who shall be known as Singer, affectionately dubbed him Freakboy one day. She was telling her husband and friend about some of the weird things he does and she thought that was the perfect name for him. While I was retelling his disgusting habits to the boyfriend one day I decided that Shit For Brains (SFB) was a better name. I kid you not, dude has some serious issues.

1) He's been wearing the SAME outfit to work 4 out of 5 days a week since he started. He changes it up on Fridays and wears jeans. I'm so sick and tired of walking in the door in the morning and seeing his black shirt and black pants. And the hair....ewww!!! I can't tell if it's slicked back with gel or grease.

2) He SMELLS!!!!! At first we thought it was really bad body odor. He had told me and Singer that he pays his friend's parents $200 a month just to sleep at their house. He supposedly goes to his parents' house every night to take a shower. Sometimes I think he forgets. Singer thinks the smell now is coming from his clothes. She thinks that he hasn't washed them in awhile. I think it's a combination of both.

3) He's into vampire role playing games and he talks like he should be living in the Matrix. I always say "To each their own" but this is ridiculous. He's said so many off the wall things that I've seen several people walk away from him while he was talking because he wasn't making any sense.

4) He sleeps at his desk constantly. And when he's not sleeping or playing his RPGs he's listening to 90's Pop music. Yeah, I didn't think that would be his music choice either.

This one tops the cake though.

5) Singer called me after she walked out the door this afternoon (she leaves at 430 and we're here til 5) to tell me that right before she left she saw him pick his nose, inspect the booger on his finger and then flick it on the floor. EWWWWW!!!!!!!

I already hold my breathe when I have to use the pencil sharpener or hole puncher that sit on the bookcase behind his desk. Now I'm going to have to watch my step when I'm over there.

Excuse me, I think I just threw up in my mouth.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Blah blah blah

I know I haven't written on here in awhile but I have good reasons for it. 1) I've had a case of Blogger's Block and 2) The only person that had been reading this is the boyfriend and hell, I talk to him ALL day. But he asked me the other day why I haven't written anything so I guess this is for him. Although I did find out a little while ago that he deleted the link to my blog from his favorites list because I hadn't written anything lately. Isn't that encouraging.

So, I had my first real life encounter with my internet stalker this past Saturday. Chick had been stalking me online for the past year. Everytime I would put a profile on a page like Yahoo 360 or Hi5 she would find me and send me a friend request. Then she would start sending friend requests to people on my friends list. I didn't really give her a whole lot of though because the brief online chat we had one day showed me how much of an immature psycho she was. Well, the boyfriend was doing his part time DJing gig this past weekend and she just happened to show up. I really don't think she was there intentionally to start shit with me but boy did she try to. She went up to people that she had seen on my friends list and started telling them that I was fucking around on the boyfriend. Yup.....she sure did. Then she sent him a message on Myspace the next day telling him that I was driving to another city every other weekend for a booty call with some guy I've never met who just so happens to be her exboyfriend. Yeah, I'm doing that alright. Hell, I didn't even know where that town was until the other day and I'm with the boyfriend 7 DAYS of the week. How was I doing that?! I must have been sleep driving cause I certainly don't remember it.

But it gets better folks.....she told the boyfriend that she wanted to kick my ass Saturday for giving her dirty looks. Ummm.....I didn't even acknowledge that she was there. I think that's what caused her diarrhea of the mouth. Oh, and she had enough nerve to send me a message saying that I was jealous of her. Yup, I'm so jealous of her. I wake up every morning saying to myself that I wish I could be a 5head (she doesn't have a forehead) skank that has the intelligence of a 7th grader. Damn, how did she figure that one out.

I think she finally got the point though because neither the boyfriend nor I have received anymore messages from her. Thank goodness!!!

On a good note the boyfriend and I will be taking a cruise to Cozumel in March. Keep your fingers crossed that he doesn't realize what a looney I am before then. He might want to throw me overboard if he does. Just kidding!!

Okay folks, it's about that time to get my happy ass on the road home.