Thursday, November 30, 2006

Just for Bananer...

Wow...look at that...I said goodbye and I got dragged back for an encore. Bananer commented that I have some great work stories I could blog about so I felt like I should share this one with you.

I went outside on my break this afternoon and I could smell a horrible smell coming out of the door to the other building. One of the chicks who's office is right inside the door stuck her head out and said that they couldn't figure out where it was coming from. It smelled like cheap weave burning (I know what that smells like because this chick I knew in Jr. High lit her's on fire one day just for the shits and giggles). I came back in and sent my boss man to investigate.

He came back to our office shaking his head muttering something about people over there being idiots. This is nothing new but my coworker and I felt like a good laugh so we asked him if he found the smell. He said yes and that we would never believe where it was coming from. Some chick in our Accounting section had plugged her space heater (why she needed her space heater since it's the end of November and 70 degrees outside I don't know. I mean people are walking around in shorts and tshirts right now.) into the power cord for her computer (which boss man and our computer services people are always saying not to do). The damn plug caught on fire. Burned it right up. Come to find out she didn't even know it was on fire until she heard the sizzling noise.

Now let me tell you coworker had walked over to the other building during her lunch break (between 11:30 and 12:00) and could smell something funky. My boss man found the burned up plug around 2:45 - 3:00. These people were sitting there smelling the burning plastic for hours and nobody said anything. Great huh?

It's been fun. No really, it has. It's okay to cry. I understand.

I'm going to miss you too. I was having so much fun trying to come up with something interesting to blog about everyday. It's going to be really hard for me to stay away from here but I think it will be better for us if we don't see each other everyday. Trust'll thank me later. You see, I'm only doing this for your own good. I know what a bore some of my posts have been this month and I really want you to be able to walk away from this without a concussion from beating your head against the wall. Repeatedly.

I'll still post so don't think I am abandoning you completely. I just don't think I have it in me to post everyday. Who knows. I might. There's that smile I was looking for. Yes, I will post as much as I can as the wedding plans start to progress. I'm sure you will tickled pink to hear all about it. Just like I'm sure you're going to be thrilled when I tell you that I've spent the last couple of hours trying to find wedding locations for this wonderful town we live in and have not been able to find squat.

You see Bananer and I don't want a church wedding. We're not church people(Easy there killer. Put down the "You are not Christian people!" comments. We have our faith and our beliefs...we just don't believe in mass worship.) I had my heart set on getting married at the local Museum of Fine Arts but I found out from my coworker that they only do receptions there. Well, what fun would it be to have the ceremony in a church (that we're not members of) and then drive to the museum for the reception? You got it...not a whole lot. Now I'm struggling to find a sophisticated location like that to have both our ceremony and reception at. I kind of want an outdoor wedding but I want it to be in the evening. And I want it to be classy. That narrows my options way down.

On top of all that I can't send in for a price quote from the two locations I did find because we haven't set a date yet. We can't set a date until we know how much we need to save. Great. Looks like we're just going around in circles chasing our tails.

Okay, I know you don't want me to go but I must. My daily posts here have come to an end. Unless you're really nice and bribe me with nice things. Maybe then I'll consider posting everyday. Just remember, it's going to take a lot to get me to post on the weekends again.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Have I told you lately...

How much Blogger sucks? I just spent over an hour working on my stolen blog post and then Blogger decided to go and fuck it up. Now I have to post this pathetic little post about how much I hate Blogger because I'm too tired to try to fix my first post. Great.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I've got nothing yet again...

This is why I said I was not going to blog at night anymore. I have absolutely nothing to blog about. I guess I can try to do that Tuesday Ten that everyone else does. Here goes...ten random things.

1. I feel like there's a high school prom going on in my head right now.
2. I think the little sinus monsters are doing the YMCA right now.
3. If they do the Macarena I'm going to bang my head against the wall and hope that I knock myself out.
4. Damn "winters" here in the South. How can it be the end of November and the highs be in the 70's?!
5. I blame this for the krunkfest going on inside my head.
6. Bananer's sitting here trying to read me the latest bashing of the Alabama head coach issue from his beloved Auburn forum.
7. I had to give him my "I'm not amused" face.
8. Thank goodness he understands the face.
9. That and our daily undressing ritual are some of the reasons why I said yes when he asked me to marry him.
10. I can still smell the Nag Champa incense that I burned two days ago.

Well there ya go....10 random things from me. I hope you enjoy. I'm off to bed. Hopefully the krunkfest is almost over. If not...I'm unplugging the damn sound equipment.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Yada, yada, yada....

Here we are again at 10 pm and I have nothing to blog about. Maybe I should go back to blogging during the day. At least it would make my day at work go by. But then again, now that shithead's no longer working with us I don't have anything to blog about during the day.

So...with that you get TV Land's list of 100 Greatest Catchphrases. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

We interrupt your regularly scheduled show to bring you this..

It's Sunday and that normally means it's time for a church sign but I don't have one this week. Bananer took me to dinner and a play at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival tonight so I did not have a chance to find a church sign today. I had planned on finding one when we were out running errands this afternoon but the wonderful staff at one of the local McDonald's ruined that when they failed to give me a fork for my salad*.

So...yeah...Bananer and I went to dinner and to see Disney's Beauty and the Beast at the Shakespeare Festival tonight and it was awesome. I don't really think awesome describes how great it was. They really did a great job and I'm glad we got the opportunity to go.

Now I'm off to bed to try to get "Be Our Guest" out of my head.

*We stopped to get McDonald's on our way to pick up our tickets to the play tonight. We were going to eat at the park outside the Shakespeare Festival but not having a fork for my salad ruined that. So, we had to take our food back to the apartment to eat. I don't know why I was expecting them to actually put the fork in the bag**. How silly of me.

**Our local McDonald's are staffed with some not so smart people. Well, I can't say that they're not so smart because I'm sure some of them might be smart. I think it's more a matter of not caring.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

It's Saturday and I have nothing.

Yup...I have nothing to give you people today. So...this is what you get. Some lame ass quiz about what kind of English you speak. My aunts* would get a kick out of this since they love to make fun of my Southern accent.

Your Linguistic Profile:
60% General American English
30% Dixie
5% Yankee
0% Midwestern
0% Upper Midwestern

*My mom is one of ten(5 boys and 5 girls) from upstate NY. They all pick on me for my accent since I was raised down here. Nice huh? : )

Friday, November 24, 2006

So the planning begins....

You would think that I had been expecting a proposal for awhile now if you saw the number of dresses I already had saved in my favorites on the David's Bridal website. Geez.

We had a little scare today. I thought I was going to have to take Bananer to the emergency room because he looked like he was about to have a heart attack. We took my ring in to a local fine jewelry store today to get it resized since he bought it at his family's jewelers in Macon, GA. We took it to this particular store because they told him on the phone that they were 99.9% sure they could get it done today. We got there and after waiting a few minutes some chick, who was obviously new, started doing the paperwork. First she tried to size my finger with the wrong sizers. Then she went to test the diamonds and after she put the tester on the ring she came over to us and said "It's not registering that these are real diamonds." Bananer just about freaked. Another chick was standing right there and could see the look on his face and she said to the first chick "You don't ever tell a customer that. You come get me first and I'll double check it." Then she put the tester on it and said that they were real. The first chick just didn't do it right. Whew!!

So...they told us that they weren't sure it would be done today but they would call us if it was. We left to run some more errands and Bananer called up there to check on it. They told him that it should be done by 6 and sure enough they called us at 5:30 and said it was ready. Let me tell ya this...the ring looks even better now that it fits right. I can't stop looking at it and smiling. Bananer can't stop smiling either when he catches me looking at it. Shit...he even called me his wife today. : )

I just hope I don't turn into one of those horrible bridezillas and scare him off before we get married. Well, I guess if he can put up with my grouchiness in the morning I should be okay.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Well now you can call me the future Mrs. Bananer!'ve got that right...Bananer got down on one knee in front of my whole family and proposed today. Of course I said yes. How could I not? He's everything I was looking for and everything I didn't know I wanted all in one.

The ring is absolutely gorgeous and has some sentimental value to it other than the fact that it's my ring. The center stone and 3 of the 6 surrounding stones came from his Grandmother's ring. And the wedding bands that go with it are from Mama Bananer's first ring (Papa Bananer had a new ring made for her for their anniversary). I would attach a photo for everyone to see but the ones I took with my camera phone didn't turn out too good. I promise you I will have photos up as soon as I can get some.

Oh, and on a side note, my cheesecake came out wonderfully today. So much so that my nephew ate two pieces. Woohoo!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Well just call me Betty Crocker.

I've been on this domesticated kick lately. I don't know what it is but for some reason I want to cook and bake. There's not a whole lot I can do here in Bananer's tiny ass apartment but I'm trying.

The other night I made us Monte Cristo* sandwiches for dinner and he said they were "damn good." So much so, that he called his father and bragged about them. Papa Bananer said to tell me to "keep up the practice" because he wants me to make them next time we go to their house.

Last night I baked this awesome Cherry Danish that my mom made the other day. Bananer loved it so much that I found the recipe and made one just for him. He gave it his seal of approval today.

And tonight I'm baking a Pumpkin Cheesecake to take to my parents' house tomorrow. It's in the oven as we speak. I even made the crust from scratch. Score extra points for that.

So...with that said....I hope everyone out in bloglandia has a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.

*There's this awesome restaurant in Macon, GA (where the Bananer family lives) called Cheddar's that serves these kick ass Monte Cristo sandwiches. Bananer got me hooked on them the last couple of times we went to his parents' house. I had to find a recipe similar to there's so that we could have our own version here. I think I did pretty damn good if I do say so myself.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It's that time again....

It's hard to believe that the year is almost over. Thanksgiving is just two days away and Christmas will be here before we know it. Time to start the shopping.

I hate getting out there with the crowds but I think I might try to brave it and do some shopping Friday. That is if I can manage to get up that early. We'll see.

If you haven't checked this out yet you should. It's a list of the items that will be on sale on Black Friday. Happy shopping!!

Monday, November 20, 2006


Tonight is just not my night for blogging. I'm tired and unmotivated so I'm having a hard time coming up with something to blog about. Then, on top of that, I wrote the same thing a minute ago and stupid Blogger deleted my damn post. Great. So, with that I'm just going to give you this and call it a night.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

It's Sunday and you know what that means...

Time for a church sign!!! I drive by this particular church several times a week and they always have great sayings on their sign. They actually have two signs with two different sayings but I think this one was the better of the two.

I thought of some things as I stood there on the street corner taking this picture tonight. 1) I need to start getting out there during the day to take these pictures because it's a pain in the ass trying to get the camera lined up just right to avoid the bright light on the signs. 2) I need to start using my real camera* for these pictures because I had some issues getting the picture to send from my phone tonight. 3) I need to wear a sign or something that says "Owner of where you can find weekly church sign blogs" because I can only imagine what the people driving by are thinking every week I'm standing there taking a picture of the church sign with my camera phone.

So...with that...I leave you with one of my new favorite sayings courtesy of a guy featured on Extreme Makeover:Home Edition tonight...."So many things to think about, but nothing to worry about." I'm not sure how that goes with this post but it's a great saying.

*I need the cable to connect my camera to the computer. Until I get that, or a new camera (hint, hint), I'm forced to use my camera phone for these weekly church sign photos.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

A little of this and a little of that.

I was so caught up in my utter dislike for the teeny boppers last night that I forgot to post about the rest of our night out. Yesterday was mine and Bananer's 8 month anniversary. It's hard to believe that he's managed to put up with my shit for 8 months now. Wow...he must be a glutton for punishment. I kid, I kid.

Anyhoo....he sent me message at work yesterday asking if I had anything "nice" to wear at his apartment because he had a plan for last night. I told him that I did and proceeded to bug the living shit out of him about what this plan was. I, of course, had already figured it out but I wanted to see if he would tell me. It turns out that he was going to surprise me with tickets to see Beauty and the Beast at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. They were sold* out so we decided on dinner and movie. Worked for me because dinner was goooooood and the movie wasn't too bad either.

*He did get us tickets to go next Sunday. Awwww....isn't he a sweetheart?! : )

Iron Bowl 2006:

For those of you that might stumble across this blog and don't know what the Iron Bowl is it's the annual Alabama/Auburn game. We take our football pretty seriously down here in the South. One of the first questions people asked when they meet someone new is if they are an Alabama or an Auburn fan. I've seen lots of families divided over this.

See, I'm an Alabama fan. I'm not a die hard fan like some people but I do love my Crimson Tide. My sister and her family are huge Auburn fans. So much so that my niece and nephew refuse to touch anything in the store that says Alabama on it. And here's where things get a little sticky....Bananer's an Auburn fan. Die hard Auburn fan. I'm talking Auburn shit all over his apartment. I know I should have let this be the red flag when we first met but I managed to overlook it. He's a die hard fan but he's considerate of the fact that I'm an Alabama fan. He even bought me a new shirt this year.

Okay....let me get to the point.....Auburn has won the last 4 Iron Bowls in a row. They've had some stupid "Fear of the Thumb" campaign going all year. It got pretty annoying if you ask me. I made a bet with Bananer that the loser would have to wear the other person's colors and get paraded around all of our hang outs. Unfortunately it looks like I'll be wearing orange and blue. That's right folks....the Auburn fans have started the "Fear the Six" campaign. My beloved Crimson Tide lost today. Eh....shit happens. I'm joining the "Fire Mike Shula" campaign.

Friday, November 17, 2006

This is why I hate going to the movies on a Friday night.

I can not stand the freakin teeny boppers. I always have to stop and wonder "Was I this annoying when I was that age?!" They are loud, rude and just plain out annoying. And it's not just at the movies. I can't stand going to the mall most of the time because of the teeny boppers. Don't think that going during a week day will help you avoid them either. Not in this town. It's like I have some kind of inner magnet for teeny boppers. The more I try to avoid them the more I see them.

This bothers me a little because I don't know why my dislike for them is so strong. I don't want to be this way but it's like the few times that I try to like them get overrun by their utter lack of disrepect for their elders.

Now, before anybody starts thinking that I am a horrible person that dislikes all teeny boppers let me say that their not all bad. I just can't stand the ones that are loud, rude and annoying. I mean come on, if you see that you're standing in front of the paper towels and somebody needs to dry their hands...move. Don't just stand there and continue chatting with your friends. And if you see that your friend is standing in front of the paper towels and somebody needs to dry their hands...tell your friend to move. And after you move out of the way of the paper towels don't stand in front of the door.

Maybe I should just not go to the movies on a Friday night. Eh....maybe not.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Day 16....whew! Almost there!

This blogging everyday is hard man! I've been sitting here racking my brain all day trying to come up with something to blog about. I thought about blogging about the horrible storms that ravaged the South yesterday but I forgot to ask my friend if I could use her sister's pictures of the damage on my here. I didn't want to just post them without asking permission, ya know?

I tried to find some interesting tidbit on the headlines today to post about but that didn't work out. I just didn't see anything that screamed out "BLOG ME!!"

So....I figured that 1) I could just leave you with this lame ass excuse for a blog about how I can't think of anything to blog about or 2) I could give you this nifty little list of my favorite movies. Lucky for you I decided to go with number 2. I'm not going to say how many movies I'm going to list because I'm not sure if I can list 10 of them. Or I might be able to post more than 10. Shit...we'll just number them as we go. favorite movies in no particular order.

1) Grease - I can turn the volume down and say just about every word to this movie. And sing the songs. And do the dances. (I'm not sure I should be admitting that but hey...who cares right?) Major kudos to Bananer by the way. He had never seen Grease before we started dating so I brought over my DVD one night. We decided to watch it in bed, and as Bananer soon learned that is a bad idea for me. I conked out within the first five minutes. He, however, stayed up and watched the whole movie without me. I think he was trying to suck up though because we had only been dating for a couple of weeks then.

2) An Affair to Remember - Cary. Grant. Need I say more?

3) Father Goose/Operation Petticoat - Again...Cary. Grant.

4) Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - This movie rocks! I think part of the reason I love this movie so much is because it has a little bit of sentimental value for me. I'm going to spare you the details on that and leave you with this..."How bout some ether?"

5) Dazed and Confused - I think I was born in the wrong generation. I love anything to do with the 70's. The music, the clothes, the "free love"...shit, the whole nine yards. (The soundtrack rocks by the way.)

6) Sixteen Candles/The Breakfast Club/Weird Science - I'm a child of the 80's/early 90's though so of course I love these movies.

7) The Lord of the Rings Trilogy - I'll admit it...I like Sci Fi/Fantasy shit. I'm still waiting for the perfect opportunity to sit down and watch all three back to back to back. I need to clear a whole weekend for that.

8) Sweet Home Alabama - I'm a chick so of course I like chick flicks. I can watch this one over and over and over again because 1) I have a thing for Reese Witherspoon (not that kind of thing) and 2) it's just a cute ass movie.

9) Drop Dead Fred - I used to drive my mom crazy with this one. I had to watch it everytime it came on TV.

10) Clerks/Office Space/Mallrats/Chasing Amy/Dogma/Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back - These movies have a sentimental reason behind them too but I won't get into that either. I just need Chasing Amy (and of course Clerks 2 (which I have not seen yet) when it comes out on DVD) to finish my collection.

11) Clueless - Yup....I'll admit it...I like this movie. I remember going to the theater to see it when it came out. And let's not forget the MTV special they had when it opened. I watched that like my life was depending on it. If there's nothing on TV I can count on this movie to entertain me. I can turn down the volume and recite almost the entire movie with this one too.

12) White Christmas - Bing Crosby is awesome people. My mom, my sisters and I watched this movie every Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember. It was always our family tradition to watch the movie and eat a box of chocolate. This reminds me....I either need to find our VHS (no clue where it is) or buy the DVD before Christmas. I think I'll just buy the DVD.

Well there ya go....I gave ya 12. Be happy with that and feel free to post your favorite movies too. Don't forget to leave me a comment letting me know you did.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ride Emmitt Ride!!!

I can't tell you how happy I am that Emmitt and Cheryl won this year's DWTS. I loved Cheryl last year and was really happy to see she was partnered with Emmitt for this year. She really did a great job helping him to transform from an average guy into a ballroom dancer.

Hey Bananer....I want to learn how to dance like that. Hint...hint....hint.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The plan is in motion or whatever that means.

Bananer has a problem. It's not necessarily a bad problem. Well, not for me at least. See, he has this problem with telling me too much information about something I should know nothing about. Yup..."the plan is in motion." I know this because he told me.

Now what is this plan you ask. Let's just say this plan involves a certain piece of jewelry for a certain important finger. Apparently other people, my family and his boss included, know about this plan. But "nobody knows all of the plan" so I won't be able to sucker somebody into telling me.

I do know that Christmas, my birthday in January and our cruise in March (which will be our one year anniversary) have been mentioned for the possible plan deadline. Knowing Bananer it's going to be some random day in the middle of the week or something.

Yeah....the plan is in motion.

Monday, November 13, 2006

So I stole this from somebody....blah...blah...blah

I found this one a blog on Yahoo 360 that I read all the time. I never post these kinds of things because I enjoy making myself try to come up with something to blog about but this one caught my attention. It seemed like something fun to do and I hope you will all do it and post it on your blogs. If you do, be sure to leave me a comment letting me know you did it so I can go check it out.

If Your Life Was a Movie, What Would the Soundtrack Be?
The Rules: 1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc.)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don’t lie and try to pretend you're cool...

Opening Credits – AhHa - Take on Me (yeah...Take on Me....)
Waking Up- Orgy - Gender (hmmm.....)
First Day of School – The Sundays - Wild Horses (saying as how this song came from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer soundtrack I'm a little worried about this school)
Falling in Love- Christina Aguliera - Get Mine, Get Yours (ummm....)
Fight Song- Garbage - Sex is Not the Enemy (hell yeah!)
Break up song- Gwen Stefani - Danger Zone (kind of strange for a break up song if you ask me)
Prom- Everything But the Girl - Blame [Fabio Remix] (looks like my prom is an electronic festival)
Life- Britney Spears - Everytime (why did it have to land on this song for my life?!)
Mental Breakdown- Hank Williams, Jr - Family Tradition (hehe...guess this mental breakdown is caused by lots and lots of drinking)
Driving- Kenny Chesney - She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy (no comment on this one)
Flashback- Dave Mathews Band - Everyday (hmmm....)
Getting back together- Travel - Pray to Jerusalem [Euphoria Remix] (sure...a trance song is great for getting back together)
Wedding- The Bravery - Give In (Give In....Hahahaha!!!!)
Birth of Child- Sheryl Crow - You're an Original (well of course they're an original)
Final Battle- Flyleaf - Fully Alive (hehehehe......)
Death Scene- Kenny Chesney - Old Blue Chair (another Kenny Chesney song...well at least it's an old blue chair)
Funeral- Covenant - Dead Stars (wow...a drum and bass song at my funeral...who was in charge of the music?!)
End Credit- Nelly Furtado - Turn Off the Light (yeah...ummmm....the name works...)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Somebody please explain this to me...

It's Sunday so it's time for....a church sign!

I've been seeing this sign for the past couple of weeks and I still can't figure out what it means. Any thoughts?

New nickname fad....

Bananer and I were watching TV a couple of weeks ago when a Jarod from Subway came on. Bananer made some comment like "Shut up JaFo!" and I just looked at him trying to figure out what the hell he just said. Then without skipping a beat he said "I guess mine would be TaCa." I still couldn't figure out what the hell he was talking about so he explained it to me. It's really quite simple. You just take the first two letters of your first name and combine them with the first two letters of your last name. Pretty funny shit man. Well, at least my niece and nephew thought so.

What would yours be? Any funny ones out there? Mine sounds like a sneeze(I don't have any vowels in mine).

Friday, November 10, 2006

He likes me. He really, really likes me.

I guess it's true what "they" say about it being so easy when you're with the right person. I'm noticing more and more how easy it is to be with Bananer. We agree on just about everything and the only time we fight is if he tries to talk to me first thing in the morning*. I'm sure I blogged about all this before but I felt it was time to say it again.

With that being said I'll get to the point of this blog. My nephew, Tad**, is having some issues lately. My mom and I have come to the conclusion that most of it is because he doesn't have a father figure around***. Bananer, being the great guy that he is, managed to round up tickets to the Auburn/Georgia game tomorrow. Saying as how both Tad and Bananer are both HUGE Auburn fans this was a good thing. Bananer's doing major Uncle duty tomorrow and taking Tad to the game....on his own....without any prodding from me...because it was his idea. Wow, I think I really found a keeper.

So, yeah, there ya have warm fuzzy blog for the day. This NaBloPoMo shit is not as easy as I thought it would be. It kind of sucks trying to come up with a blog idea everyday. You'll just have to deal with my warm fuzzies and random off the wall blogs for the rest of the month. Sucks to be you.

*I am so not a morning person. Trust me...I'll bite your head off if you ask me the simplest thing first thing in the morning.

**Not his real name and I'm glad about that. I would have had to have a serious talk with my sister if she named my nephew Tad. Nothing against people named Tad or anything. Just not my thing.

***My brother-in-law is a civilian contractor in Afghanistan and has been gone since January.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

So this is what "growing up" means. I'm not so sure I like it.

Okay, so I'm having some issues today. Nothing too major....just wondering why some things turned out the way they did.

When I go home for lunch I normally check my Myspace* because I can't check it here at work. I have two people on my friends list that were really good friends of mine in High School. Well, one was my best friend in Jr. High and High School. Anywho....I think I need to back things up a bit and tell you all some background info. I apologize in advance because this post may become long and winded.

My parents decided to move buy a house the summer before I started 7th grade because they did not want me to go to the Jr. High that I was zoned for**. I didn't take the time to meet anybody in the neighborhood that summer because I was too busy sitting inside being the shy, couch potato that I was back then. The first day of school I remember being the most nervous I have ever been up to that point in my life. When the school bus pulled up in front of my house I remember thinking "What if nobody likes me?" The bus doors opened, I climbed up the steps and saw her, the girl that would become one of my best friends at the time and the only "best friend"*** I have left, CB. She said "Hi!" and I think I managed a meek smile. I sat down in the seat across the aisle from her and we talked a little bit on the way to school.

When we got to the school CB introduced me to KB and said that they knew each other from elementary school. KB lived in our neighborhood too but her parents had dropped her off at school that day.

The three of us were inseparable all of 7th and 8th grade. We hung out at each other's houses after school and had the usual slumber parties just about every weekend. The only time we didn't hang out with each other was when the occasional girl fights would come up. We always managed to forgive each other and all was good in our world.

CB was the innocent one that still thought you could get pregnant from kissing until she met me. KB was not so innocent but had her parents believing she was a perfect angel. I was the one who grew up watching whatever I wanted on TV and hearing my family use the colorful language that I'm still fond of to this day. The three of us made great friends because we "meshed well together".

In 9th grade KB got accepted to a new magnet school in town but we still kept in touch after school and on the weekends. We all started to hang out with other people outside of our circle but we still remained very close friends.

High school started and the three of us went in together holding our heads somewhat high because we had each other for support. Junior year brought the addition of CM to our group and we found ourselves starting to spend our time apart more. Some weekends it would be me and CB and hanging out somewhere while KB and CM sat home watching KB's little brother. Other weekends would be me and KB out somewhere while CM and CB hung out at CB's crush's house. Things were still good though because CM was a perfect mix to our group.

Things started to change Senior year. CM and KB started to spend more time together just the two of them and CB and I started to spend more time together just the two of us. CB went through a wild streak that year and once she discovered that she could party with me we spent every weekend doing so. I think CM and KB started to look down on us because they "weren't into that yet". Yeah...good excuse.****

After graduation CM and KB both headed off to school. CB never had any intentions in going and I attempted to but hanging out with her instead of going to class was too tempting for me. This is when CM and KB pretty much stopped talking to us. We were both pretty upset about it but decided that if they thought they were too good to hang out with us we were too good to care. We both carried this attitude for awhile and mine started to fade away. I've never really been one to hold a grudge and I missed the fun times I had with KB and CM. There were things that KB and I would find funny that nobody else would and I wanted that back.

I tried and tried to extend that hand of friendship to them and for awhile it seemed like maybe, just maybe, they were willing to be friends again. I've come to realize now that it's just not going to happen.

Looking at my Myspace today and seeing both CM and KB's profiles I felt a twinge of sadness. Sadness over the friends that I lost and the fact that it's because we've all grown up. They've both done the college thing and CB and I haven't. CB and I each have a child and they don't. Unfortunately for our friendship life has thrown us each different curves and we've drifted apart. Why didn't somebody tell me this was going to happen? If I had known that I would have tried harder to hang on to them. I would have told them then what their friendship really meant to me.

In the words of Aaron Karo....Fuck me.

*Yes, I have one of those dreaded Myspace accounts. And yes, I do know almost every single one of those 101 people on my friends list. There are only 1 or 2 that I don't know and that's because one's a band and the other one is

**Unfortunately for my sister her experience there was the reason my parents didn't want me to go there.

***I still consider her my "best friend" because we've known each so long and have been through a lot together but we're starting to drift apart too. I think Bananer is my best friend now. He knows me better than I know myself sometimes.

****KB would drink her parents Peach Schnapps when they weren't home and she got seriously pie faced on our Senior Cruise. Uh huh....I was the bad one...yeah right. Sometimes I'd like to call her parents up and say "Remember when you told her she couldn't hang out with me and CB because we were bad influences? Yeah...your perfect little angel was drinking your Peach Schnapps and hiding boys in her room."

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The sacrifices we make for fashion

Or the sacrifices we make for comfort

I have been forbidden from wearing my high healed boots by Dr. Bananer, my live in former PT assistant. My ankle started hurting one day last week but it stopped by the time I got home from work so I didn't have him look at it. I let it go thinking that I was probably just sitting funny or something. Well, last night it was hurting so bad that I could barely walk. I had Dr. Bananer, my live in former PT assistant, look at it and he said that it was slightly swollen and more than likely inflamed. He told me that I needed to wear flat shoes for the next couple of days so that my ankle could heal.

You can only imagine how heartbroken I was this morning when I put on these pants and couldn't put on my boots. The pants just don't look as cute without the boots.

So....this got me to thinking. Would you rather sacrifice for fashion? Or sacrifice for comfort?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Gee I only have 15 years to get this stuff....

Came across !=8782">this article today. Am I the only one that noticed the suggestions they made were e.x.p.e.n.s.i.v.e.? And why do I suddenly have the urge to go out and spend a massive amount of money on a YSL tux?

*edited to say....Somehow Blogger screwed up yesterday and deleted my link. This sucks. Big time. That article was pretty interesting and now I can't share it with you because A) Blogger screwed up and 2) I don't remember where I found the article in the first place. Great.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Mr. Roy's Bait and Tackle

My Monday started off with a bit of drama. I got a call from somebody in another office saying that they had some drama with a gas station regarding the gas cards we use here at work. Turns out that a couple of weeks ago he stopped in at Mr. Roy's Bait and Tackle to get gas. The card was denied* at the pump so he went inside to get a manual approval. He called the company, they gave him the approval code and the chick working at the station did a manual credit card receipt. No biggie right? Wrong!

He called me first thing this morning to tell me that he had a message from somebody else at Mr. Roy's Bait and Tackle saying that the first chick used the wrong slip and they needed him to bring the card back so that they could rerun it. He was freaking out a little so I told him that I would take care of it. Here's how the conversation went with the chick at Mr. Roy's Bait and Tackle.

Mr. Roy's Bait and Tackle chick: I need him to bring that card back so we can rerun it.

Me: We have 13 cars in our fleet and we have people that use them to drive all over the state on a daily basis. I can't guarentee that somebody is going to be back out your way** anytime soon for us to do that and nobody's going to make a special trip for this.

Mr. Roy's Bait and Tackle chick: Well he was obviously new and didn't know what he was doing. I know my girl wouldn't have put it on the wrong slip. You need to figure something out so that we can get paid for this.

Yep....she was trying to blame our guy for her girl's mistake. does that make sense? Some people...I tell ya.

*I think he was entering the wrong code.

**Mr. Roy's Bait and Tackle is located at least 2 hours from our office.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Only in the South

I enjoy reading the *many church signs around town. Some of them are corny and some of them really make you think. Today, however, I came across one that had me shaking my head in disbelief. I actually made my mom stop the car (we were out running some errands) so that I could get a picture of it just for you, my faithful readers.

The only thing I can say about this sign is.....only in the South.

I'm thinking that I should start a weekly church sign posting. What do you think? Would you like to see them?

*Trust me....there are plenty of churches around. It seems like there's at least two on every corner.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Looking good

Wow it's nice to have money (well, it's nice for *Bananer to have money). We finally did some much needed shopping today. I desperately needed some new clothes for work. Now I have pants that are **Mom approved. Woohoo!!!!!!

Holy shit people...avoid major retail stores during a sale. It's a mess and a nightmare. Trust me. I think I'll do my Christmas shopping online this year just to avoid the crowds.

*I didn't get that many suggestions for a new name for The Boyfriend so I decided to use the name that has already been in use between a friend of ours and me. Works for me and works for him. I did push for Twig and Berries but he didn't go for it. I wonder why.

**My mom has been complaining about my ass crack showing for quite some time now. She approved of all the pants I bought today so I think I'll be okay in that department.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Just an ear full of music makes the day go go go by...

Do certain songs elicit memories and daydreams from you, my faithful and new readers? I have always enjoyed music and considered myself quite the music buff for a while (I'm slightly out of touch now that I haven't purchased a CD in years and my radio in the car is set to one station and one station only). I spent 2 years in high school working away in a music store and I used that time to broaden my music tastes. I'll listen to just about long as I'm in the mood for it.

I am however, mostly hooked on "new rock" and 80's and 90's "rock" and "new wave". In fact, the one and only radio station I listen to is a "new rock" station out of a nearby college town. And during lunch they play.....80's "new wave". See why I love this station?

I searched through my music files on my computer here at work one day and I noticed that I have 1,345 songs. That's just here at work. Think I like my music?

So...I created a new playlist the other day and I threw a lot of 80's, a few 90's and a few country songs on there to listen to here at work. A few minutes ago a song came on and I started day dreaming of Saturday afternoon drives with the windows down and the radio up. I could feel my hair blowing in the wind and the sun warming my face. It was pure bliss.

Then my phone rang and I snapped back to the reality that is my fluorescent hell. Thank goodness it's Friday.

The song, by the way, was Tears for Fears "Everybody Wants to Rule the World". Great song....great song. What songs do it for you?

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Grillz.....I want some

I was browsing my usual blogs this morning and I found this one of the blogger's advice column. I think I'm going to put a pair on my Christmas list. Maybe if I'm a good girl Santa will leave a pair of the red stone fangs under the tree for me. Sure would be nice to get those instead of the lump of coal I'm expecting.

Alright faithful readers....have we come up with some ideas for "The Boyfriend"'s new blog name? I might be forced to come up with something on my own if I don't get any suggestions. For his sake, help a sista out. He might not like my idea.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The beginning of the end....

Today is the first of November and that means 2 things. 1) I got paid today. Woohoo. 2) Today I start the wonderful journey that is NaBloPoMo. starts the 30 straight posts from yours truly. My, oh my, what did I get myself into?!

I was reading a blog the other day (yes, I know...I read blogs everyday) and this person had a good point about using names for the people you include in your blogs. When I started this blog I didn't want to use real names to protect the identities of those near and dear to me. But this person pointed out that it's hard to remember which "The boyfriend" slammed the car into a tree when you have so many "The boyfriend"s to keep track of. I've given this lots of thought and as much as I love referring to him as "The Boyfriend" the boyfriend needs to be renamed. Hopefully, participating in NaBloPoMo will bring new readers to my wonderful little corner of the world and I'd like for them not to get him confused with some other "The Boyfriend" out there.

I've tried to come up with a clever way to rename the people in my blog and I can't really think of one. So....I'm leaving this out here for you my dear readers (all 3 of you...and yes I know there's a third but, eh hem, he/she doesn't leave any love). How do you think I should rename the "characters" on my blog? I've seen people use just initials and some that change the names completely. Opinions are most welcome on this one.