Friday, July 07, 2006


Well here it first blog. Ummm.....what to say...what to say.

I guess I can start by telling a little bit about myself. I don't know who's going to read this and really want to know about me but what the hell.

Like the title says I'm a 20something year old mother. Yep....I have a wonderful little boy that means the world to me. Unfortunately things didn't work out between my sperm donor and myself so I don't get to see my little man 24/7. Let me clear this up.....when I said unfortunatley it was only because I don't get to see my little man everyday. We have joint custody and we "swap" out every 2 days and every other weekend.

Life's pretty much good other than that. I have a steady job that sucks ass in the pay department but offers great benefits. And there's that one pretty awesome guy that caught my attention a couple of months ago.

Well.....that's pretty much the basic intro in a nutshell.

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