Thursday, October 05, 2006

Do a little dance...

Make a little love....Get down tonight....Get down tonight.

I've been doing my happy dance for the past hour 1/2 folks. The boyfriend called then and said that he got the job that we've been hoping for the last week that he would get. This job means all kinds of things to us and our future. More money = lots of things. We can finally afford to find a decent place for all of us to live together. And he can finally afford that nice shiney, fat diamond that needs to be sitting on that all important finger of mine. Hehehehe!!!!!!!

So....if you haven't done your happy dance yet....get off your ass and do it.


Jen C said...


Crystal S. said...

Hehehe!!! I did my happy dance all afternoon. I even had a bunch of my coworkers doing it with me.