Thursday, January 25, 2007

So I've been having migrains all this time? You mean the sinus monsters have not taken up permanent residence in my head?

Really? It's that simple? A prescription? Two at the onset of the headache and one every hour? Could it really be this easy? Will the pain finally go away? Woohoo!!

Wait...what's that warning label on the pill bottle? What does that say? May cause drowsiness? So I can't take these when I get a headache at work?

Guess I'll go back to beating my head against the wall until it goes numb.


Tanner said...

You'll make it! :D Hey, I'll just have to stop in and give you a good neck and shoulder rub the next time one of those set in. ;)

Love ya!!! Da Goob

Jen C said...

Sounds awful...sorry girl.