Friday, August 11, 2006

Yet another Friday...

In my previous post I mentioned the chick that put that lame ass pick up line on the boyfriend's Myspace page. I thought I was just overreacting at first when I thought that that chick was possibly friends with my psycho internet stalker. What's that old saying about trusting your first instinct? Yep....turns out that those two are best friends.

I got a friend request from psycho on another website yesterday morning. She had sent it the night before. I went on there and denied her. A few hours later she sent me another request. So, I went in there and sent her a message asking why she didn't get the point the first time I denied it. I got to looking at her page on there and noticed that the pick up line chick was one of her friends. So I clicked on her page to see if I could figure out who this girl was and guess what I found.....they have the SAME EXACT profile!! The only things different were the age, height and occupation.

Have look for yourself and see what I mean. Be sure to check out psycho's slide show at the bottom of her page. And check out the pics of psycho on pick up line chick's page. first thought that psycho chick was behind the friend requests and lame ass pick up line was right. She obviously has nothing better to do with her time than to sit around and try to start shit with me. What a loser!

The boyfriend and I watched Without a Trace for the first and probably the last time last night. That show was full of bad acting and it ended weird. Anyways, they were investigation the disappearance of a Korean chick and they found out that she did online dating. Then they found out that one of the guys she blew off had posted an ad online offering sex with her. When they questioned him they told him that they had him for cyber stalking and that it was a felony. Hmmm......I wonder if that's true. Is cyber stalking really a felony? What all do you need to prove that?


Big Brother was a disappointment last night. Kaysar got booted out and it was hard to watch his interview with Julie Chen. Julie told him about James's alliance with Chill Town and Dani. She also told him the things that James had been saying about Janelle. You could see that Kaysar was really upset about it.

I was a little worried about the HOH competition because Erika won. I wasn't too sure which way she would sway with her nominations. I found out by reading the live feed recaps that due to some technical difficulties (which there were) the HOH competition was redone. Guess who won this time. Are you ready? Janelle!!!!! Yep, my girl won again!!!!

Julie also introduced the audience to the Coup d'etat last night. The houseguests don't know what exactly they are competing for but they know that it will shake up the house. It will be interesting to see who gets that one.


The boyfriend has finally started back blogging. After days and days of bugging from me he's finally given in. Be sure to show him some love on his blog.

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