Friday, August 04, 2006

TGIF or something like that

It's Friday! Woohoo and all that jazz!! I'm looking forward to my weekend with my little man but I'm sad that the boyfriend won't be there as much as I'd like him to be. He has to work that part time DJ gig again this weekend so he'll only be at the house for a little bit this weekend. It will a little hard to think about him sitting up there without me this weekend. Not that I don't trust him or anything. That is so not the case. I just don't trust some of the people (okay one chick in particular) that will be up there. I have 100% faith in him that he will put her in place though. And no honey, I'm not talking about psycho internet stalker.

My mom, or Gigi as little man calls her, is out of town this weekend. She decided to take a trip to my sister's house in ATL to do some shopping for my sister's upcoming wedding that I'm not going to. That will have to be another blog one of these days. Since she's out of town it's going to be just me, little man and the boyfriend hanging at the house tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it.


SFB struck again today. We had our monthly birthday celebration in the office today and it was my month to bring food. I brought in a container with some cheese, crackers and grapes. I was carrying it all back from the office where we have the party earlier and I had my hands full. I had to set down my drink on the tiny little window sill outside the door to my office so I could somehow get the door in. It was one of those moves where I had to pull the door open and then catch it with my foot so I could get in without dropping the tray, boxes of crackers, container of grapes and my drink (that I also had to grab off of the sill). I walked in the door and he was just sitting there looking at me like "Huh?" His desk faces the door to our office so he can see if somebody's walking to the door. I said "it was really nice of you to open the door for me since you could see that I was coming and I had my hands full." He just sat there stammering out his usual reply...."SSSOOOORRRYYY!" Yeah, uh huh.

Then he went to the other building to get a drink and when he came back in the door to our office he let a wasp in. He just stood there looking at it like "What's that?" Singer told him to go get some spray so we could kill it and he was all "from where?" Then he yet again stammered out his usual "SSSOOOORRRYYY!"

I'm telling you folks, this guy is a real winner.


I have switchboard relief duties today. I had to cover the switchboard during lunch. Yep, it was a lot of fun. Occasionally we'll get people that will call the switchboard and start telling you their problems and you have to figure out the right person to send them to. You see, I work for a state agency that helps people with disabilities such as blind, deaf, mental disabilities, and physical disabilities. I had a rather funny call during lunch.

Caller: Is this Tina?
Me: No, it is not.
Caller: You just said the worst thing you could say to me....No and then it is not. I'm enrolling back in school. Yeah, I'm going back to get my degree in rocket science. I want to build a rocket using UFO technology. I'll think I'll build it out at Maxwell so I can hide it. Sounds like a good plan right?
Me: Yeah, that sounds like a good plan alright.
Caller: Well, I applied for my Pell Grant. What all do I need to take to Tina? I know I need to bring her the letter showing her I got my Pell Grant and my 2005 tax return. Is there anything else I need to bring?
Me: Sir, if you would tell me what Tina's last name is I'll connect you to her and she can tell you that herself.

I don't know if this guy was serious or not. Kinda makes me wonder about some of the people that we're sending to school. It's great that we help people out like that but that was just too weird.


Tanner said...

I'm going to miss my DJ assistant up there tonight. And as far as "that girl" is concerned, she's known me for a couple years now and never got to hang out with me in the booth. :D There's only one girlie girl in my life, one dj assistant, and I'll look forward to being with her every minute I can this weekend. MUAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen said...

"Tina" eh? HA