Monday, August 14, 2006

Lessons learned

I learned something this weekend while "assisting" the boyfriend with his DJ gig.

1) I'm not built for all nighters anymore. I was so ready to go home around 12 and we had to be there until at least 5. Thank goodness we just lounged around the house yesterday.

2) I'm seriously and utterly disgusted by the way chicks dance nowadays. Sure, I'll shake my ass and "grind" when I'm in the mood to dance but this one chick up there Friday night was downright distasteful. I swear if she didn't have clothes on it would have been porn.

3) Bars have now turned into portrait studios. Yes, it's one thing to take your camera with you when you're out with your peeps so that you can snap a few photos. I even recommend this if you are out celebrating a birthday or an engagement or whatnot. I do not think that you should feel you have free reign to snap a gazillion photos of complete strangers. Seriously, what are you going to do with those photos?

4) My glasses make me look sophisticated. Yep, the afore mentioned photo snapper told me that he wanted a photo of me because of my glasses. He said they make me look sophisticated like a librarian.

5) Some people just don't get the point. Psycho graced us with the presence of her skank ass both Friday and Saturday night. You would think that she would get the point that the more she does this the more it makes me want to get that lovely restraining order out on her.

6) There's a reason why I don't hang out with some people anymore. I was reminded of how much I've changed in the last couple of years when I talked to someone I used to hang out with back in my clubbin days. This person hasn't changed a bit in the past 5 years and it's sad. It's sad that he also could not grasp the idea that I'm not the same clubbin chick from back then.

7) The boyfriend is the absolute sweetest. He managed to buy me a rose from the "Rose Lady" while I was sitting right there next to him. I was playing a game on my cell phone and was totally oblivious to what was going on. Next thing I know he's sticking a rose in my face. Don't know why he bought it for me but it sure was sweet.

8) Sunglasses and toothpicks are now considered accessories. The same guy has come in there every weekend chomping on a toothpick like his life depended on it. Don't know what that was all about. And seriously people, it's 4am, you're in a dark do not need your sunglasses on your head.


Jen said...

Man, I don't miss that place at all!

Tanner said...

Interesting the things you realize over time when priorities change. You get older, and appreciate the people that get older with you, and at the same time recognize suddenly the people that failed to grow up during the same time. I was very proud of you this weekend, and very happy as I always am, that you're my girlfriend. I love you Goofball.