Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Blah blah blah

I know I haven't written on here in awhile but I have good reasons for it. 1) I've had a case of Blogger's Block and 2) The only person that had been reading this is the boyfriend and hell, I talk to him ALL day. But he asked me the other day why I haven't written anything so I guess this is for him. Although I did find out a little while ago that he deleted the link to my blog from his favorites list because I hadn't written anything lately. Isn't that encouraging.

So, I had my first real life encounter with my internet stalker this past Saturday. Chick had been stalking me online for the past year. Everytime I would put a profile on a page like Yahoo 360 or Hi5 she would find me and send me a friend request. Then she would start sending friend requests to people on my friends list. I didn't really give her a whole lot of though because the brief online chat we had one day showed me how much of an immature psycho she was. Well, the boyfriend was doing his part time DJing gig this past weekend and she just happened to show up. I really don't think she was there intentionally to start shit with me but boy did she try to. She went up to people that she had seen on my friends list and started telling them that I was fucking around on the boyfriend. Yup.....she sure did. Then she sent him a message on Myspace the next day telling him that I was driving to another city every other weekend for a booty call with some guy I've never met who just so happens to be her exboyfriend. Yeah, I'm doing that alright. Hell, I didn't even know where that town was until the other day and I'm with the boyfriend 7 DAYS of the week. How was I doing that?! I must have been sleep driving cause I certainly don't remember it.

But it gets better folks.....she told the boyfriend that she wanted to kick my ass Saturday for giving her dirty looks. Ummm.....I didn't even acknowledge that she was there. I think that's what caused her diarrhea of the mouth. Oh, and she had enough nerve to send me a message saying that I was jealous of her. Yup, I'm so jealous of her. I wake up every morning saying to myself that I wish I could be a 5head (she doesn't have a forehead) skank that has the intelligence of a 7th grader. Damn, how did she figure that one out.

I think she finally got the point though because neither the boyfriend nor I have received anymore messages from her. Thank goodness!!!

On a good note the boyfriend and I will be taking a cruise to Cozumel in March. Keep your fingers crossed that he doesn't realize what a looney I am before then. He might want to throw me overboard if he does. Just kidding!!

Okay folks, it's about that time to get my happy ass on the road home.


Tanner said...

Ah yes. Good times. Sad people will always be sad though.

Jen said...

Ugh. I'm so tired of dumb people.