Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday, Monday

The boyfriend and I headed over to his parents' house this past weekend. Had a good time. Got to spend some time with the family and wish his nephew a Happy Birthday. Plus it was nice just to get away from Monkeytown for a few days.

I experienced horrible traveler syndrome Friday night though. In my rush to pack Friday evening I forgot some things. We were about an hour away from home when I realized that I had forgotten to pack clean underwear. Yep....I was going to have to wear the same pair the next day until we got to the store to buy some. You can imagine my disgust with myself over that one. The boyfriend told me not to worry about it and I finally let it go. We were about 45 minutes away from the parents' house when I realized that I forgot my ID at home. I had put it in Little Man's diaper bag when we were out running errands that day and never put it back in my wallet. I had my temporary license on me but I wasn't sure if they would let me in the club with that or not. So those last 45 minutes were filled with my "Woe is me" about forgetting 2 very important things.


The above mentioned lack of ID didn't matter after all. The waiter at dinner Saturday didn't ask for it when I ordered my margarita and we got to the club so early that we just walked right in. No ID check or cover charge. Worked out I guess.

As we were sitting at the club I said to the boyfriend that we are two mean motherfuckers. We spent the entire time there "people watching". can only imagine some of the observations we made to each other.

Stacy and Clinton from TLC's What Not to Wear would have had a field day with some of the chicks in that place. 1) Head to toe white is not slimming. Chick looked like the abominable snowman. 2) Big girls should not wear itty bitty scraps for skirts or shirts. 3) If the girls are down to your bellybutton and are bouncing a little too wildly, you are not wearing the proper bra.

Some of those chicks needed a good reality slap. And some of their friends needed a good beat down for letting them leave the house looking like that. That's not a friend if she lets you leave the house with the girls all sagging and flopping. It doesn't look good. Not at all. Nope.....not at all.


I leave you all with today's Tannerism. He actually says BURP when he burps.'s pretty darn cute if you ask me. But then again we're just dorks so.....whatever.


Tanner said...

Yup...Dorks. You're MY dork though, so it's all good. :D Love ya!


Jen said...

People watching IS good clean fun. :)

Crystal S. said...

Yeah it's good clean fun but we get a little mean with it. I look at it this way though...if you're out in public looking like a street walker you deserve any of the negative comments we make about you behind your back. : )