Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Stupid people.....

I finally got to check my Myspace last night after a month long absence. I had several friend requests and messages. It's amazing what happens when you don't check it for awhile.

I had a friend request from some chick in a neighboring town. I didn't know who she was and couldn't figure it out from the one picture of herself she had on her page. I was just about to deny the request because it's about time I start to weed out the 116 friends I have on there when I saw that she had the boyfriend and another friend of mine on her page. I asked the boyfriend if he knew who she was and he said no. Of course I asked why he added her if he didn't know who she was and he was all "I dunno." Well, I decided to add her so that we could figure out who she was later. I thought that maybe she saw us out somewhere or knew us through mutual friends. I then hopped over to the boyfriend's page to leave a comment since he left one for me and guess what I found on his page. A comment from that chick saying.........I'm new to town. Can you give me directions to your apartment?

Yep......she posted a lame ass pick up line on the boyfriend's page. Normally stuff like that doesn't bother me but this one did for some reason. I think I'm traumatized by my internet stalker. How can you post something like that after it flat out says that the person is in a relationship and they have comments from their significant other on their page talking about how much they love them?

Not only did he got that but I got a message from a guy from my past telling me that I look great now and asking what I was up to. Oh, there was that other message from that local band too saying that they hoped I would come out to see them play because I was cute.

HELLO?!?! I'm in a RELATIONSHIP! I'm HAPPY in my relationship. Geez people!! Learn to read!!!


Big Brother was good and bad last night. I had cheated the other day and read some of the live feeds. I already knew who was going to win the veto and who was going up in their place. It was still good to watch so that I could see everyone's reactions.

Dani and James had hatched this plan to put James up as the pawn against Janey because Dani said that she needed the "Veto King" to compete because he was the only one that stood a chance of beating Janey. They were hoping to have Will and Boogey compete as well because they thought that they would fight to keep Janey from winning as well. It turns out that Will and Boogey did get to play. If I didn't already know that Janey was going to win the veto I would have been nervous.

After Janey whopped ass and won the veto Dani put up.......Kaysar. Yep...she put up the Iraqi Peach. That was disappointing. I can understand why she did it but I hate to think about him leaving this week.

I think that Kaysar's going to be able to spin the votes in his favor but it will be tough. It's going to be interesting to watch Thursday to see who gets evicted and who gets HOH.

Keep your fingers crossed that James goes home this week.


Tanner said...

Yup, I think the whole myspace thing is winding down anyway. It was kind of a blind post on her part with my obvious happiness with my relationship. Oh your title...just "Stupid People..."

hehe...LOVE YA!


Jen said...

People are dumb.