Saturday, November 18, 2006

A little of this and a little of that.

I was so caught up in my utter dislike for the teeny boppers last night that I forgot to post about the rest of our night out. Yesterday was mine and Bananer's 8 month anniversary. It's hard to believe that he's managed to put up with my shit for 8 months now. Wow...he must be a glutton for punishment. I kid, I kid.

Anyhoo....he sent me message at work yesterday asking if I had anything "nice" to wear at his apartment because he had a plan for last night. I told him that I did and proceeded to bug the living shit out of him about what this plan was. I, of course, had already figured it out but I wanted to see if he would tell me. It turns out that he was going to surprise me with tickets to see Beauty and the Beast at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. They were sold* out so we decided on dinner and movie. Worked for me because dinner was goooooood and the movie wasn't too bad either.

*He did get us tickets to go next Sunday. Awwww....isn't he a sweetheart?! : )

Iron Bowl 2006:

For those of you that might stumble across this blog and don't know what the Iron Bowl is it's the annual Alabama/Auburn game. We take our football pretty seriously down here in the South. One of the first questions people asked when they meet someone new is if they are an Alabama or an Auburn fan. I've seen lots of families divided over this.

See, I'm an Alabama fan. I'm not a die hard fan like some people but I do love my Crimson Tide. My sister and her family are huge Auburn fans. So much so that my niece and nephew refuse to touch anything in the store that says Alabama on it. And here's where things get a little sticky....Bananer's an Auburn fan. Die hard Auburn fan. I'm talking Auburn shit all over his apartment. I know I should have let this be the red flag when we first met but I managed to overlook it. He's a die hard fan but he's considerate of the fact that I'm an Alabama fan. He even bought me a new shirt this year.

Okay....let me get to the point.....Auburn has won the last 4 Iron Bowls in a row. They've had some stupid "Fear of the Thumb" campaign going all year. It got pretty annoying if you ask me. I made a bet with Bananer that the loser would have to wear the other person's colors and get paraded around all of our hang outs. Unfortunately it looks like I'll be wearing orange and blue. That's right folks....the Auburn fans have started the "Fear the Six" campaign. My beloved Crimson Tide lost today. Eh....shit happens. I'm joining the "Fire Mike Shula" campaign.

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Tanner said...

You're more than welcome for last night, and I'll enjoy actually getting to go to the show with you this next Sunday evening. ;)

As far as the game today. War Eagle!! Woohoo!!


I love you dearly! MUAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!