Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The plan is in motion or whatever that means.

Bananer has a problem. It's not necessarily a bad problem. Well, not for me at least. See, he has this problem with telling me too much information about something I should know nothing about. Yup..."the plan is in motion." I know this because he told me.

Now what is this plan you ask. Let's just say this plan involves a certain piece of jewelry for a certain important finger. Apparently other people, my family and his boss included, know about this plan. But "nobody knows all of the plan" so I won't be able to sucker somebody into telling me.

I do know that Christmas, my birthday in January and our cruise in March (which will be our one year anniversary) have been mentioned for the possible plan deadline. Knowing Bananer it's going to be some random day in the middle of the week or something.

Yeah....the plan is in motion.


Tanner said...


Seeeeee...you really have no clue.



Crystal S. said...

Great....I still have no clue. Wait, isn't that the way it's supposed to be? ; )

Jen C said...