Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ride Emmitt Ride!!!

I can't tell you how happy I am that Emmitt and Cheryl won this year's DWTS. I loved Cheryl last year and was really happy to see she was partnered with Emmitt for this year. She really did a great job helping him to transform from an average guy into a ballroom dancer.

Hey Bananer....I want to learn how to dance like that. Hint...hint....hint.


Tanner said...

I thought it was funny when they called him "average" during the show. He's an hall of fame running back for Pete's sake...hehehehe...

He did a great job though...Go Emmit GO!

Point takin dear! ;) Lessons....gotcha.... MUAH!!!!!!!

Crystal S. said...

They called him "average" because he's not all super skinny ballroom dancer looking. That's what they meant by that silly. : )

Yup....lessons. Put that in a memo. ; )