Saturday, November 04, 2006

Looking good

Wow it's nice to have money (well, it's nice for *Bananer to have money). We finally did some much needed shopping today. I desperately needed some new clothes for work. Now I have pants that are **Mom approved. Woohoo!!!!!!

Holy shit people...avoid major retail stores during a sale. It's a mess and a nightmare. Trust me. I think I'll do my Christmas shopping online this year just to avoid the crowds.

*I didn't get that many suggestions for a new name for The Boyfriend so I decided to use the name that has already been in use between a friend of ours and me. Works for me and works for him. I did push for Twig and Berries but he didn't go for it. I wonder why.

**My mom has been complaining about my ass crack showing for quite some time now. She approved of all the pants I bought today so I think I'll be okay in that department.


Tanner said...

We might not be able to do that all the time, but it was nice to see you smiling as you got your clothes. You reminded me of a kid getting her "back to school" clothes.. :D

Later girlie!

Jen C said...

I hate crowds. I bout had a small freak out at the Auburn game yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Bananer is a good name for the boyfriend. :)