Friday, November 17, 2006

This is why I hate going to the movies on a Friday night.

I can not stand the freakin teeny boppers. I always have to stop and wonder "Was I this annoying when I was that age?!" They are loud, rude and just plain out annoying. And it's not just at the movies. I can't stand going to the mall most of the time because of the teeny boppers. Don't think that going during a week day will help you avoid them either. Not in this town. It's like I have some kind of inner magnet for teeny boppers. The more I try to avoid them the more I see them.

This bothers me a little because I don't know why my dislike for them is so strong. I don't want to be this way but it's like the few times that I try to like them get overrun by their utter lack of disrepect for their elders.

Now, before anybody starts thinking that I am a horrible person that dislikes all teeny boppers let me say that their not all bad. I just can't stand the ones that are loud, rude and annoying. I mean come on, if you see that you're standing in front of the paper towels and somebody needs to dry their hands...move. Don't just stand there and continue chatting with your friends. And if you see that your friend is standing in front of the paper towels and somebody needs to dry their hands...tell your friend to move. And after you move out of the way of the paper towels don't stand in front of the door.

Maybe I should just not go to the movies on a Friday night. Eh....maybe not.


Jen C said...

That is exactly why I don't go out on Friday and Saturday nights to the mall or movies. My teacher face and voice come out but I have no real power so I get all worked up. I feel your pain.

Tanner said...

It was a good movie though I thought. "Stranger Than Fiction", for those who don't know.

I had a good time, but I too, feel the pain of the teenage wasteland so present here in Montgomery. Ugh...

The Bang Bang Skrimp was good last night though...YUMMM!!!!


Anonymous said...

Man, I know what you mean. I went to the Davis Theater last night to hear the Montgomery Symphony and there was a row of high school students behind us. They were loud and cutting up before the orchestra started playing, but continued to be loud when they started. I finally turned around and told them they were being loud. Thankfully, they remained quiet after my reprimand so we could enjoy the music. I probably had spit in my hair. In my opinion, it comes down to a lack of respect, maturity and parenting. I avoid movies like the plague on Fridays and Saturdays too.