Monday, November 06, 2006

Mr. Roy's Bait and Tackle

My Monday started off with a bit of drama. I got a call from somebody in another office saying that they had some drama with a gas station regarding the gas cards we use here at work. Turns out that a couple of weeks ago he stopped in at Mr. Roy's Bait and Tackle to get gas. The card was denied* at the pump so he went inside to get a manual approval. He called the company, they gave him the approval code and the chick working at the station did a manual credit card receipt. No biggie right? Wrong!

He called me first thing this morning to tell me that he had a message from somebody else at Mr. Roy's Bait and Tackle saying that the first chick used the wrong slip and they needed him to bring the card back so that they could rerun it. He was freaking out a little so I told him that I would take care of it. Here's how the conversation went with the chick at Mr. Roy's Bait and Tackle.

Mr. Roy's Bait and Tackle chick: I need him to bring that card back so we can rerun it.

Me: We have 13 cars in our fleet and we have people that use them to drive all over the state on a daily basis. I can't guarentee that somebody is going to be back out your way** anytime soon for us to do that and nobody's going to make a special trip for this.

Mr. Roy's Bait and Tackle chick: Well he was obviously new and didn't know what he was doing. I know my girl wouldn't have put it on the wrong slip. You need to figure something out so that we can get paid for this.

Yep....she was trying to blame our guy for her girl's mistake. does that make sense? Some people...I tell ya.

*I think he was entering the wrong code.

**Mr. Roy's Bait and Tackle is located at least 2 hours from our office.

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Tanner said...

Sounds like a classy joint. What a deal man. :P

Hope I don't run into one of these clowns as I travel. I'll try to avoid any gas stations with the name's "Roy" and "Bait" on the same store front.