Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The sacrifices we make for fashion

Or the sacrifices we make for comfort

I have been forbidden from wearing my high healed boots by Dr. Bananer, my live in former PT assistant. My ankle started hurting one day last week but it stopped by the time I got home from work so I didn't have him look at it. I let it go thinking that I was probably just sitting funny or something. Well, last night it was hurting so bad that I could barely walk. I had Dr. Bananer, my live in former PT assistant, look at it and he said that it was slightly swollen and more than likely inflamed. He told me that I needed to wear flat shoes for the next couple of days so that my ankle could heal.

You can only imagine how heartbroken I was this morning when I put on these pants and couldn't put on my boots. The pants just don't look as cute without the boots.

So....this got me to thinking. Would you rather sacrifice for fashion? Or sacrifice for comfort?


Tanner said...

I wouldn't sacrifice if I was in pain. I agree with Dr. Bananer. :D


Crystal S. said...

Of course you agree with Dr. Bananer silly. : )

Anonymous said...

I have sacrificed for fashion before. You've heard before that if your shoes are uncomfortable you pretty much forget about everything else. Been there done that.


Melissa said...

That would be terrible. I'm so short that there are pants I wouldn't be able to wear at all without my heels.